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Insight Terms & Conditions


  1. Insight has no obligation to offer mystery visits and you are under no obligation to accept the visits we offer.
  2. Acceptance of your application by Insight does not constitute an offer of employment and you are not employed by Insight in any capacity.
  3. As you are not employed, Insight do not make any tax or National Insurance deductions from your fees.
  4. You must not accept a visit where you have any form of relationship with the client or site you have been asked to visit, including if you have any kind of relationship with a direct competitor.
  5. You must visit the correct location as directed on the individual assignment brief at the agreed dates and times. If you visit the wrong location from that stated or visit outside the given times you will not receive your payment/reimbursement.
  6. You agree to spend at least the specified minimum amount of time on assignment and enquire about or purchase the agreed or suitable items during your visit as per the assignment brief.
  7. You agree to meet any minimum spend requirements in order to fully satisfy the assignment brief.
  8. You agree that if you need to cancel a visit you must let us know immediately in order to give us time to rearrange the visit. If you fail to do this you will be removed from the Insight database without exception.
  9. You must not in any way attempt to alter documents sent to you by Insight. Any attempt to alter or amend any aspect of the documents you receive will result in non-payment of your assignment and removal from the Insight database.
  10. All reports will be completed honestly, with all comment boxes included in the questionnaire completed in sufficient, objective detail.
  11. You agree to return your completed report and receipt to Insight within 24 hours of your visit finish time.
  12. You agree to be contactable by Insight and to respond to messages within the first 48 hours of working days (Monday to Friday) after submission of your report to discuss the report and add any extra information needed.
  13. Insight will issue your reimbursement/payment within 30 days of receiving your receipt and successful completion of the assignment.
  14. You are required to follow the individual assignment brief fully and comply with the above points. If this is not done Insight reserve the right to withhold any reimbursement/payment.
  15. Payments will be made via PayPal only.
  16. Insight or you may terminate this agreement at any point with or without cause or prejudice.
  17. The entire matter and information provided is to be held in absolute confidence with no direct liaison permitted with members of staff other than as a customer.
  18. All information received during your assignment remains the property of Insight. You must not disclose confidential information or trade secrets to which you might have access to in your role as a mystery visitor for Insight.
  19. Once your visit is complete you agree not to make any specific future reference to Insight or any visit you have undertaken on any internet site or forum unless permitted by Insight.
You must accept these terms to continue.
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